HuffPost readers share their stories about dealing with the rising cost of insulin and other livesaving drugs.
Almost 18% of working-age diabetics are skipping meds because of cost.
The group will start with a protest outside the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indianapolis.
If you read the news, you know that insulin has become so expensive, Type 1 diabetics are dying.
People with diabetes won't pay more than $100 a month out of pocket for the drug under a new law.
Many with diabetes, faced with tripling insulin prices, are now forced to choose between life and rent.
About three in ten adults with type 2 diabetes resist prescribed insulin.
Here are three tips on how to prolong your health span, gleaned from an evolving literature. 1. Tuning Temperature Both ends
In the second installment of our series on chronic illnesses in Syria, we explore the diabetes crisis across the war-torn
Remember this? "In medicine, a differential diagnosis is the distinguishing of a particular disease or condition from others
We finally understand how the immune system helps cause Type 1 diabetes.
We don't get a paycheck. I don't think we as diabetics give ourselves half of the credit that we should. Some days you're
If your cat seems to be thirstier than usual, is urinating frequently, is hungry all the time but also losing weight, you should have him checked by your veterinarian for feline diabetes.
With insulin, syringes, blood sugar meter, and snacks in hand. I left as this person I didn't even know yet. I didn't know the severity of the condition I was now diagnosed with. The day I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes changed me forever.
Finding out that you have diabetes is a very difficult concept to process, no matter the age. But being that I was 12 years old at the time, I feel that it inhibited my conscious effort to accept being diabetic. Looking back, I'm surprised that I'm alive today.
Regardless of the number of pregnancies experienced, a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes can be devastating to even the most level-headed mother. Every woman experiences the impact of the news and intervention differently, but all emotions are valid and reasonable.