Fox News host said he can't dine out because he keeps getting cursed out.
Some people are saying that Kardashian's response to Beckford on The Shade Room was homophobic.
The president continues to attack his own attorney general.
If that logic is correct, then insults are often motivated by anger surrounding issues of status insecurity. Many insults
It is difficult for voters to keep track of the many legal and personal scandals surrounding Donald Trump, but it is easier to remember the many people whom he has insulted. Both pose liabilities for Trump's campaign for president, but perhaps ironically, it is the insults that are likely to do more damage than the scandals.
"The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag."
Do you know the real reason why you're not on Facebook and why you're not watching my TV shows and you're not playing online games? Because you don't want to. And that's fine. Do what you want. But just be honest.
And the silver lining? The person who got all that hate was strong enough to overcome that situation. Of course it wasn't
The leadership skills displayed by the Republican presidential candidates inspire me. I am a teacher and I recently applied GOP leadership techniques in my classroom. They work like a charm!
Merriam-Webster responds to the billionaire's garbled tweets.
You say “arm candy” like it’s a bad thing. Enter photographer Anna Friemoth.