"The U.S. is a country many Europeans look at through a critical lens — 'a place to visit, but not to live,' as my German doctor put it."
"I’m simply a daughter who cares about her parents. And I’m a citizen looking around at our irrational health care system and feeling helpless, enraged and scared."
AAA cited last year’s “catastrophic hurricane season” in its decision to start limiting some of its home insurance policies in the Sunshine State.
Insurance companies have been trying to cut back on homeowner policies in the Golden State due to more frequent and intense wildfires.
His story that dogs tripped Gloria Satterfield, causing her to fatally hit her head at his South Carolina property, was used for insurance money, his attorneys said.
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Disability experts say OTC hearing aids are a game-changer for many Americans -- but they also have some concerns about the rollout.
In a conversation with HuffPost, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.T.) his plans for cost-effective Medicare for all.
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“There is no place in the Town of Millinocket for such a blatant disregard of human decency," an official of the Maine town wrote.