Intellectual disability

The Democratic presidential candidate is speaking out about the incident, saying she didn't hear the man's full statement.
Colin Jost mocks president's flag-hug as something mentally challenged Lennie in Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men" would do.
Black Voices
Ricardo Hayes was wounded in the 2017 shooting.
Americans deserve a Supreme Court justice who rejects the notion of forced abortions and other elective procedures without getting input from the patient first.
I'm not simply blowing off steam when I say that Ben's autism is a destructive disorder that we hate. How could we NOT hate it? It has kept Ben from being able to live with his family, even in the same state, since he was 12, because his needs are so great.
For decades, the media has focused on the Kennedy family's shame about Rosemary. It was alluded to in the article and in so many articles and television shows about her life. I would like to help refocus Rosemary's story into an impactful one that helped so many future babies, children and adults.
On a recent Sunday morning I was blown away by a radio interview of Jean Vanier and his L'Arche Movement. I had never before heard about this humanist and his epic movement where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and share their lives together as peers.
Invoking Lennie as its benchmark, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals announced rules that fail to protect persons with intellectual disability from execution. Because of these unscientific and fictional standards, Robert Ladd, a man who has an IQ of 67, faces the death chamber this Thursday.
SM: What kinds of skills has Casey learned through the Special Olympics? LM: Casey loves to compete, and he loves to win
Censorship has no place in democracy, but self-examination does. The larger goal behind "Spread the word to end the word" is not to replace the r-word with another equally stigmatizing phrase, but to increase inclusion for those who may speak, act or move differently.
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Advocates have launched public awareness campaigns like "Spread the Word to End the Word," which has received about 308,000
Men are responsible for 40 percent of all fertility problems among American couples, so why is all the pressure (read: judgment) on women for reproductive health and timeliness?