intelligence briefings

President Donald Trump has almost completely erased intelligence briefings from his schedule.
Trump had only 41 "daily" intelligence briefings on his schedule during the first half of 2020 -- an average of just one and a half per week
The national security reporter says on CNN that the president is alarmingly out of touch in White House intelligence sessions.
At an early morning press conference, Trump explained the reasoning behind the eye in a bit more detail. "I really liked
The president-elect said on Sunday that he doesn't need the briefings because he is "smart."
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will join Trump at Wednesday's top-secret session.
What do you give a buffoon with a big mouth? The CIA may have to be somewhat creative (read: make up stuff) in order to keep the nation's intelligence community from being completely annihilated by an idiot with itchy tweeting fingers.