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Personal competence comprises your self-awareness and self-management skills, which focus more on you individually than on
Trump is due to be briefed by intelligence agency chiefs on Friday on hacks that targeted the Democratic Party. President Obama will be briefed on Thursday.
In fairness, the title is a mistake; there is no dilemma about hunting. Not for me, anyway. For so many people, what was
French economist Thomas Piketty recently explained what he hoped his landmark book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, would
There are also plenty of people willing to find out more before they make up their minds, and who are willing to keep an open mind and carefully think things through. That is crucial if society is to make intelligent choices on a wide range of issues, beyond GMOs.
Media observers have lamented the prevalence of false balance in GMO coverage, along with questionable claims from GMO opponents
"We are judged by our action and we are judged by our inaction. And we are participants by the nature of our size and our
Billionaire Bill Gates funds the media. This is no surprise to me. What did surprise me is the discovery that he meets with the media he funds (and others) regularly behind closed doors.
DATE: August 9, 2013. TIME: 7:30p to 9:00p EST Intelligence Squared and the Aspen Strategy Group partner to present a debate
A recent debate from Intelligence Squared U.S. examined the growing American shale gas boom and brought experts together
Intelligence Squared suggested that "When It Comes To Politics, The Internet Is Closing Our Minds," I suggest that sites like eVoter will be changing our actions.
Does the press have the right to disclose some secrets? I believe that too many documents are designated "top-secret" when they really should be designated "embarrassing."
Check out Wendy Kaminer's great column, "Debating Hate Speech," over at The Atlantic: Last week I engaged in an online Intelligence
Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick." Today's conservatives have translated that into "Talk toughly
Arguing that Obama's economic approach is failing were James Galbraith of the University of Texas; Carnegie Mellon's Allan
Power politics and national interest have crippled the Security Council even as humanitarian crises claimed millions of lives. The purpose and relevance of the UN is being contested.