Intensive care unit

Patients struggling to breathe because of the coronavirus are being placed on ventilators in emergency wards since intensive care units are full, officials say.
Texas Medical Center, home to most of the city's hospitals, responds to its ICU overflow by shifting staff and equipment as coronavirus cases surge in the state.
Even in the "moderate" scenario, 80% of Americans could see critical care in their area stretched beyond its limits.
Potential shortages of ICU beds, ventilators and staff are all big concerns.
"And some of the hospital staff are trying to smother it with a pillow," warns Walter Shaub.
Don't worry: Banner Desert Medical Center promises their shifts will be covered when they go on maternity leave.
Many of you may already know the answers to these tough questions, but I know just as many of you may not. Nope, it's not
And then resilience enters the room, the most elegant of emotional beings; glowing; refined; a reminder that even a flicker of light glows amid the darkness. And we can save our tiny ship of troubles from life's stormy seas once again.
This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all you nurses out there -- who abandon everything about your own needs and wants, to make this world a better place for everyone else you take care of. I'm thankful for my wife -- an ICU nurse -- my hero.
Some people love us. Some people hate us. I can promise you that you do not want to be a patient in my unit. If you are then that means you're really sick. But I can also promise you that if you end up here you will get stellar care by a team of the best health care providers available.