We may feel stuck in survival mode or fear mode and begin to think things are not possible. We always have choices and there
By definition, a resolution is "a firm decision to do or not do something" which is probably one of the reasons only 8 percent
The Answer is In the Question May you have all the happiness and success that you are looking for. Year in Review This year
Correcting someone can be a very supportive act that brings you a deeper connection, or it can be a surefire way to disconnect
If you want to step into your power as the creator of your life and ruler of your mind, here are 6 surefire ways to take back control of your life.
A vital yet intangible element of all healthy and well-performing workplaces is the presence of good karma or, if you prefer, positive energy.
We want to overhaul everything we perceive as imperfect or flawed about ourselves and the blank new calendar feels like the perfect opportunity. So how does it work? How can you make resolutions that you'll keep past February and have meaningful change in your life?
So let's take all of the hooray and inspiration the New Year brings, and give it our all to making it happen, doing our best to be the change we want to see in ourselves, and the world will follow, resulting in a greater transformation than we could have ever imagined.
I used to be all about resolutions. I would come up with a great list for each New Year, things that I wanted to change, things I wanted to work on, etc. The lists were great, but the resolutions never worked.
None of these changes were earth-shattering -- instead they have been a gradual shift and an internal quest for a more grounded, centered life. I can't wait to see what shifts and changes the next year brings.
A good way to practice mindfulness or 'being here now' is by cultivating self-awareness techniques. Self-awareness is about having a clear perception of who you are -- your personality, strengths, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, motivations, and how in touch you are with your emotional well-being.
A few weeks ago I had the honor of being a panelist at The Parliament of World Religions conference in Salt Lake City.
Do you ever wonder why your child behaves the way she does? How many times in a single day do you ask yourself, "Why did she do that?"
Many of us have a difficult time saying no, fearing that the other parties will be hurt, disappointed, angry, or feel less of us. Saying no with love is a simple, yet powerful way of communication that benefits both parties involved. Here are three steps you can take right away to say no with love.
This being true to your whole self -- this individuation -- isn't easy. It takes courage and perseverance, but in the long run it feels better. And for many people, bringing their unique offerings to the world is what gives their life meaning.