Inter-American Development Bank

 This morning, on the Daily Nation, one of the Kenyan national newspapers, I was intriguingly reading and genuinely interested Many of us who work at these institutions think that this centrality is being challenged, and that the
By Allan Wright A 2015 World Bank study revealed that the Caribbean appeared to be the region most severely affected by this
Each dollar invested in venture capital can generate up to $6.45 in economic activity through wages, payment to providers
Jimena Serrano Although government employees in Costa Rica get up to five days of paid paternity leave, private-sector workers
Just because the Panama Canal expansion was a mega deal did not mean it needed to be mega complicated. State-owned enterprises
Not quite ready to head home? Do you want a closer alignment with an official school curriculum? You can find a great variety
That is a question posed by a report released today by Oil Change International and the Sierra Club, which is an update to
While the ICBF continues to provide workshops, the new 1DOC3 information allows ICBF to reach populations not being covered by their traditional services -- most noticeably rural or otherwise marginalized populations
Want to find out more about this event? Watch the video coverage. The growing appeal of impact investing Saadia Madsbjerg
So where do we go from here? But the discussions at the summit--held in São Paulo, Brazil, September 29 to October 1--also
Remittances are a strong driver of financial inclusion in both sending and receiving countries. They can encourage and accelerate the adoption of new technologies, and offer opportunities to promote accumulation of savings on both the sending and the receiving ends.
A new trend in international development has paired some unlikely business partners: development finance institutions and impact investors are working with large multinational corporations to fund projects that advance both development and business agendas.
The MIF and IDB are devising a way to analyze and systematize the critical factors needed for workforce preparation for youth living in conflict with the law or in high-conflict zones. The aim is identify and implement some innovative interventions, adapted to the needs of young people in different environments.
While no one is claiming that the goals have actually been reached, indications are that the reported progress is significantly overstated. This sleight of hand is accomplished statistically by making the truly vulnerable and poor populations disappear into a larger pool of data collected on a macro scale from the better-off.
When I check out the morning headlines, I have a yearning for the problems of yore. I want to go back to 2002 and worry about Enron, rather than a global meltdown.
The cash was packaged in Miami and transported aboard a military C-17 to Haiti. Fonkoze pioneered micro-life insurance in
Today's announcement that we're waiving all debt payments from Haiti for the next 5 years is only a small sliver of our much larger commitment to Haiti.
In the last decade alone, the U.S. slashed humanitarian assistance to Haiti, forced its government to downsize, ruined tens of thousands of small farmers, and blocked international loans.