interest rate

The Fed’s move will reduce its benchmark rate — which influences many consumer and business loans — by an additional quarter-point to a range of 1.75% to 2%.
A full percentage cut would reportedly save the president $3 million annually in interest payments.
The freshman lawmaker from New York says if they want to follow the Bible, they can start by backing her bill.
“When banks charge higher and higher interest rates,” said Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, “essentially your credit card becomes a payday loan.”
A certificate of deposit could be the answer to earning higher interest on your savings.
For example, your sign-up bonus might be subject to income tax.
It might seem like a scam, but not if the math works out in your favor.
You might not get that interest write-off after all.
The fall in the Dow Jones has triggered a sell-off in global stock markets. Here are the reasons behind it - and what they mean for you.
Making preparations for the inevitable can save the people you love a lot of unnecessary grief.
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The Federal Reserve is acting cautiously. If they're concerned, chances are you should be, too.
I was astounded, therefore, when lenders told us that HUD did not allow rebates on HECM purchase transactions! We checked
Latvia, a country Paul Krugman loves to hate, takes the prize for the least miserable of the former Soviet Union countries in this sub-ranking.