Interest rate hike

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Predictably, the bond market and the Dow Jones average both fell quickly on CNBC's one-sided call, bringing quick profits to short hedge funds using high frequency trading to move quickly in and out of the market.
You've probably heard by now that the Federal Reserve executed a long-awaited interest rate hike in December. Though this move was both inevitable and sorely needed, it's not great news for borrowers. In fact, your student loan interest rates might have gone up as a result.
The central bank doesn't think interest rates will rise -- unless Wall Street misses the message.
And there's nothing any of the candidates can do about it.
The Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it is raising its benchmark interest rate, putting downward pressure on job creation in order to address long-term concerns about inflation and financial stability.
The central bank's long-awaited decision will hit you in your wallet.
The central bank is set to announce this week whether it'll raise its benchmark interest rate.