interior department

The new acting director of the Bureau of Land Management appears to be another "fox guarding the henhouse" appointment in the Trump administration.
Sen. Ron Wyden said Daniel Jorjani, who has been nominated to be the agency's top lawyer, may have lied to Congress.
David Bernhardt oversees some 500 million acres of federal land -- one-fifth of the United States.
Daniel Jorjani, a former Koch brothers adviser and Interior solicitor nominee, told agency colleagues in 2017 that “our job is to protect the Secretary.”
The Bureau of Land Management is looking to sell 70 acres of conservation land to a limestone mining company that unlawfully discarded waste materials on it.
At the federal agency in charge of 20 percent of the U.S. landmass, blogs like "Watts Up With That" trump The New York Times.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has forced most of the National Park Service Advisory Board to resign after repeatedly refusing to meet them to discuss policy.
Animal advocates fear an "uncomfortably cozy and even improper" relationship.
“The level of frustration is growing daily," one conservation advocate said.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will recommend no changes be made to Idaho’s Craters of the Moon and Washington’s Hanford Reach National Monuments.
A Badlands employee briefly hijacked tweets because of fears over climate change censorship.
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