"My boss tweeted it so it's real," insists "intern" Cecily Strong.
A Congressional intern who yelled ‘f**k you’ to President Trump in the Capitol last week is suspended
The party of worker rights figures it's time to take a higher road on internships.
It’s never too late…as long as you are ok with buying coffee for people a decade younger than you.
Near the end of my sophomore year, that plan took a major turn in the road. One day while checking messages on SKOUT, a social
As rising juniors and seniors, UF students have a lot to look forward to, but also a lot of stressors. One of those key stressors
The legislation only applies to interns in the federal government, but a companion bill would protect interns in the private sector, too.
It's NOT complicated: female-centric films deserve the same respect.
Just don’t accidentally call your boss "mom" and everything should be fine.
It's up to you to provide the orientation, guidance and motivation to help them succeed. In turn, you gain some fresh perspectives and new skills, in addition to an extra set of hands to hopefully ease your workload this summer and advance your business objectives.
You've done it! Landed the summer internship or maybe even the job. I know a thing or two about only having a few weeks to wow someone. As a woman who grew up to employ a buttload of interns, I'd like to share with you a few tips for leaving them wanting more.
You've worked hard to get this opportunity and you want to make sure you get the most out of it. During the remaining weeks of your internship, think of this opportunity as a chance to "try on" a new role, or possibly several new roles if you're given the chance to rotate through different areas of the organization.