Internal affairs

He also is heard threatening to shoot her as she struggles on the ground.
If the NYPD has nothing to hide then a deeper and more transparent gaze into what makes the department tick shouldn't be a problem. A federal investigation alone does little in this regard, playing out behind the scenes and scrutinizing only a handful of cops.
Investigators will likely focus on accountability systems that don't hold police accountable.
The internal affairs division usually decides the officer did nothing wrong.
Improving policing in departments with entrenched cultures has proven a challenging endeavor. Departmental culture plays a defining role in how police officers conduct their work, and it flows from the top, or, as they say, rots from the head.
"No, I don't," Jackson replied. The video, a copy of which was obtained by, shows Jackson approach the driver's
He could face a criminal charge for failing to intervene in the attack that ended with Lien being dragged out of his Range
Eighteen years ago former Hawaii Gov. Ben Cayetano let bad cops off the hook when he allowed county police officers who got
In the year since the ACLU of New Jersey sent a battery of grievances to the Department of Justice asking it to investigate the Newark Police Department, a few things have happened.
A combination of reassignments and the elimination of several command positions will “trim the fat on executive staff” at