international brotherhood of electrical workers

The former vice president spoke at an electrical workers conference, prompting the president to tweet he'd be the one to get the union members' votes.
A list of top donors of hard money looks very different than the roster of top donors overall, which is skewed by the few who give big bucks to outside spending groups.
They've been working without a contract since August.
On a drive through Baton Rouge on Interstate 110, you've probably seen the sprawling ExxonMobil complex, containing a 502,000
All justice-loving citizens need to support regulatory and legislative efforts to more equally balance the playing field between employers and workers who -- like Dan Lee and his co-workers -- seek to turn today's sweatshops into decent, productive and family-sustaining places of work.
Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) told 45,000 striking workers that it will suspend certain benefits at the end of the month
This is the fourth strike Albi has participated in, but, he says, "This is the first time they've asked for so many givebacks
We have built our reputation by working with our unionized contractors to provide the best-trained, safest and most productive electrical construction workforce in the world.
If Governor Palin expects to get union members to support her endorsed candidates, we'll need to see the details.