International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Local unions in Pennsylvania say their national leaders seek to implement an agreement they voted down.
UPS drivers were already divided over a plan to create a two-tier pay system, but the way it was passed has made things even more contentious.
A proposal between the Teamsters and UPS would create a separate category of lower-paid drivers to help deliver your stuff from Amazon.
"It proves that even in an economy where the power of employers over workers is stronger than ever, when workers stand together
Unions at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are perhaps stronger than anywhere else in the country, with the International
Supporters of Zuckerberg point out that the recipient of Time Magazine's 2010 Person of the Year title has become increasingly
Forget Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters Union is getting a far more telegenic representative. Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg
Although they work for a company that popularized the slogan "Have a Coke and a smile," Coca-Cola workers are doing more frowning than ever these days.
Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James Hoffa said Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is creating