International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The Teamsters are the last of the five biggest labor unions to back Biden.
James Hoffa has been a vocal supporter of Trump's trade moves but says the president hasn't delivered for union members.
Local unions in Pennsylvania say their national leaders seek to implement an agreement they voted down.
UPS drivers were already divided over a plan to create a two-tier pay system, but the way it was passed has made things even more contentious.
A proposal between the Teamsters and UPS would create a separate category of lower-paid drivers to help deliver your stuff from Amazon.
"It proves that even in an economy where the power of employers over workers is stronger than ever, when workers stand together
"Hopefully, we'll get this ball rolling so everyone will have a contract of their own," he said. "This probably will be the
Two people who attended Facebook's March 19 meeting remarked on the young CEO's absence and privately said they expected
In Boston, preproduction is underway on the pilot of a reality show about the The International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Although they work for a company that popularized the slogan "Have a Coke and a smile," Coca-Cola workers are doing more frowning than ever these days.