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Some 157 people, including 8 Americans, were killed when an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff.
Infrastructure. The lack of reliable energy, roads and railroads can cut productivity by African companies by as much as
The African continent has some of the world's fastest-growing economies, but some are seeing hard times because they rely on crude oil. Since the crude oil price has now dipped below $50 a barrel for the first time since May 2009, the African oil-producing countries are facing some serious financial difficulties.
Recon #1 -- Global Expansion in Technology Recon #2 -- The Democratization of Fashion Recon#3 -- Creative Content and the
4. Red Flag Means Action: It is not enough to identify red flags in the information provided. Red flags must be acted upon
China Though a Wine Glass is actually an insightful picture of current day China relating to the world while striving to maintain the Maoist culture. Personal life, politics, commerce and wine blend in the telling of how a malleable Western mind could succeed in the Chinese society and market.
2. Mentorship is posed as a career development opportunity as opposed to an educational opportunity Students who were mentored
With the astonishing UK Brexit vote, the mantra of "think global, act local" has been turned on its head. In many countries worldwide, the international view of "think global" seems to have fallen out of favor.
Making employees feel more comfortable is not only good for the employees; it's also good for business. There has been much
Lust for exotic spices, opulent textiles and precious metals spurred the world's first trade routes and "international trade shows" via arcades and souks in ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle East.
The story that Alnoor Dhanani shared with the IBC is a compelling mix of the immigrant experience and international business
These cyber companies are fascinating to work with; and to see the transformational and technological leadership many exhibit
As many are recognizing, Myanmar's position as a resource-rich, emerging market presents a unique 'greenfield' opportunity
Not only are the Panama Papers a stunning example of a hack that resulted in massive data exfiltration; thus consequently
Question 7: One of the most dreaded factors when it comes to global travel has to be jet lag. Any tips on how to handle it
Envision a peaceful Middle East, where instead of fear and disorder, there is thriving commerce, resulting in prosperity and jobs. Picture Jerusalem -- a city that holds immense spiritual significance for Christians, Jews, and Muslims -- flourishing.
Coupons, in Europe, are the shame-faced mother handing over 5p off a packet of cornflakes to feed her kids. Coupons, in Europe, are tied up in the history of rationing and whole nations not having enough to eat.
Time is as richly complex as culture itself. For task-oriented people, such as the Swiss, time might be seen as linear -- rigid, plannable, organized into blocks, systematic.
Champagne and sparkling wine are beverages that evoke thoughts of celebration, success, luxury, love and romance. During the holidays, these pleasant associations are even stronger, especially since these beverages have different levels of sweetness.
It is important that we focus our attention on the need for meaningful and integrated experiences that are an extension of the learning environment. This is what adequately prepares students for what lies ahead, both locally and globally.