International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross spot is titled "The One Gift Santa Can't Deliver."
“Scores killed, even more injured, most under the age of 10," said an aid agency official.
The convoy of 25 aid trucks is carrying around 340 tonnes of food.
At least seven Red Cross workers have been killed in the past year, and another four were abducted.
[They're not] an answer to any of the threats that we face right now, be it climate change [or] terrorism. ... it’s only adding more fuel to an already dangerous world."
One of the most empowering things a woman can do for another woman is inspire her to come into herself and take charge of
Donald Trump is a man who defines himself by the number of norms he violates, according to Michael D’Antonio, the author
The airstrike was meant to target Boko Haram militants.
The resilience of the Haitian people has endured through years of natural disasters.
Around 34,000 people have been evacuated from the area during the week-long operation.
Filters don't change the world. For the most part, they're just a way for you to show your online friends you support something in that moment. Within a day or two, most filters give way to new profile pics and all is forgotten... until, usually, another senseless act or weather-related horror occurs.
Protecting civilians in wartime is a cornerstone of the international system and the United Nations. Indifference will only make our world far less secure. Our continued failure to act is a disgrace and a stain on the conscience of the world. Even war has rules; it is time to enforce them.
More than 2,200 people have been wounded by the combat in Yemen, which pits Houthi forces and their army allies against southern
Waudo said the Jalalabad assault, the first of its kind on the famously impartial agency since it came to Afghanistan in