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The head of Mossack Fonseca said his firm had fallen victim to "an international campaign against privacy."
This post was originally published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The panel said in
The Human Rights Watch report and Anuak refugees’ complaint to the Inspection Panel contended that the bank’s money was being
Landlocked European duchy a “magical fairyland” for brand-name corporations seeking to make tax bills disappear
It is now clear that anti-corruption efforts are always going to be politics masquerading as reform. Repression of information and web attacks on critics is business as usual. And Western companies are learning that the tong method of negotiation is not pretty.
Drawing on a cache of 2.5 million leaked documents, the ICIJ has identified people and organizations in more than 30 countries
The death of Moscow tax attorney Sergei Magnitsky sparked international outrage. It also fueled a push to unravel secret
The rich snicker as the vast majority of Americans are so distracted they don't focus on record corporate profits, on record low corporate tax payments or on lobbyists buying tax breaks for corporations and loopholes for offshore accounts.
Hedge fund manager Francisco Illarramendi leaves court in 2011 where he plead guilty to five federal charges. Photo: Handout
After an International Consortium of Investigative Journalists exposé about paramilitaries involvement in the coltan trade, Colombia is moving to curb illegal mining of the highly sought after mineral.
The ICIJ investigation found that Vidal Armadores or its affiliates have been repeatedly pursued by government agencies and
Interpol's chief lawyer, Joël Sollier, said the agency works hard to ferret out cases chiefly motivated by politics, rather
The Eastern Atlantic bluefin, whose spawning stock has plummeted nearly 75 percent since 1974, is prized by sushi lovers
From the International Consortium For Investigative Journalists: As regulators gather in Paris in mid-November to decide