international criminal court

The ICC ruled it has jurisdiction over the Palestinian territories, which makes way for investigations of Israeli attacks.
A complaint at the International Criminal Court alleges the Brazilian president has violated human rights law by targeting tribes and the Amazon rainforest.
His executive order threatens top officials on the International Criminal Court with economic penalties for looking into potential U.S. war crimes.
The investigation will target the Taliban, Afghan forces and U.S. military and intelligence personnel.
Sudan's transitional authorities have agreed to surrender all those wanted in connection with the Darfur conflict.
It's called "ecocide" and even the pope is talking about it.
The long-reigning dictator was toppled this week, but the consequences of his rule continue to be devastating.
Past rhetoric to prosecute previous US political leaders for violations of international law has largely been without consequence
It was a difficult and challenging year, especially seen through the lens of sexual health. It was a year in which politics came close to displacing sexual politics as the most-talked about topic on therapist couches.