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Corruption-plagued Veracruz, with a record number of murders and thousands of disappearances, reflects a worsening trend throughout Mexico.
Here's the last paragraph: Rebuilding democratic institutions, reestablishing rule-of-law and addressing the legacy of war
Things must be pretty bad if a man who endorses and participates in vigilante-style justice and summary executions led by death squads is overwhelmingly elected by the people to do so on a national level.
There are 1,645 billionaires and 17 million millionaires in the world today, representing almost half of the world's entire wealth. Imagine if they all started saying "it CAN be done" and used just a bit of imagination ...the benefits would be exponential.
Chris Lewa, the director of The Arakan Project, a research and advocacy group that monitors Rakhine State, told IRIN the number of Rohingyas that have fled western Myanmar since 2012 has now topped 100,000.
The aid response in the western Burmese state has been tricky since two bouts of communal violence between Rakhine Buddhists and the minority Rohingya Muslims in June and October 2012 resulted in more than 140,000 people -- mostly Rohingyas -- being forced to flee to camps.
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In the past week, we have seen an explosion of stories critiquing the Burmese opposition leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. One article's particularly hyperbolic headline even asked if she was going to be Burma's "next tyrant?"
It's hard for me to share the peace movement's triumphalism. Yes, a US military attack was thwarted - good. But is that where the story ends?
As the elections signified, it is the Iranian people who will ultimately shape the destiny of Iran. And it is the Iranian people who have borne the brunt of sanctions, and it is these human impacts that must always be at the forefront of U.S. sanctions policy considerations.
Peace negotiations began this week between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (known as FARC), a guerrilla group that has waged a half-century long offensive against the government.
Timbuktu conjures up images of remote parts of the earth and fabled ancient monuments. Now radical Islamic groups, with ties to al Qaeda, have taken over the north in Mali, destroying monuments and torturing civilians in a brutal interpretation of Sharia law.
It is a step forward that NATO leaders adopted a resolution committing to support the transition, and to help build security and development in Afghanistan. However, the firm pillars necessary for the successful implementation of that strategy are clearly not yet in place.
Given enough time, the International Crisis Group said, "the regime might be able to destroy the urban and social fabric
Instead, the report proposes that the West follow a new tack of engagement, similar to Turkey's recent approach to Iran, which
Post-war economic growth and reconstruction in Republika Srpska and the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina mask a reality of lingering wartime trauma, which runs deep in the social psyches of both populations.
Clashes between the Turkish government and the Kurdish insurgent group PKK have killed more than 150 people since Turkey's mid-June elections, and this new cycle of tension and violence shows signs of spiraling out of control.
Clashes this summer along Myanmar's northern and eastern borders between the country's army and Kachin rebels shattered a 17-year ceasefire in one of the world's longest-running civil wars.
In Haiti, more than 650,000 earthquake victims are still waiting for permanent housing after a year and a half in emergency camps, where they are now vulnerable to criminal violence and the summer storm season.