International Fund for Animal Welfare

Joe Howlett, who co-founded the Campobello Whale Rescue Team, saved "dozens of whales over the last 15 years."
These torture devices belong on the set of a horror movie franchise, not on Alaska’s federal lands.
With the incredible success of The Jungle Book movie, what is your hope for how this could impact the future of pangolins
Living free in the wild, being admired -- not killed -- for their beauty is where these species true and only value should lie. Cecil brought in significant tourist dollars as a living, breathing icon. Now he is nothing more than a sad reminder of what greed and exploitation of wildlife can lead to.
But, when I have to travel for work, and am gone for days, it is hard. In 2012 we had an incredibly busy stranding year, with
With as few as 32,000 lions remaining in the wild, the once ubiquitous animals are rapidly disappearing from the African landscape.
We can't all be rescuing adorable sea creatures from fishing traps on the daily, but it warms our hearts to know that there
Investigators used a variety of factors to determine if a facility was likely a puppy mill, including if the seller screens
Though Shark Week has become somewhat sensationalized -- replete with drinking games and hashtags such as #Chompdown -- the
Check out the slideshow below to view some of the most bizarre mass animal deaths throughout history: A marine mammal specialist