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It was confirmed Thursday in an email from Charlotte Gordon, its vice president for international marketing.
In November 1970, the old Boston Herald Traveler sent me to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to get the election returns from Berkshire County. It wasn't a presidential-election year but there was plenty of excitement about close New England races.
If there was ever a newspaper one could consider a friend all over the world, it was the International Herald Tribune. It conveyed a sense of warmth and familiarity that is often missing when one is living and working abroad.
It's yet another in the many twists and turns in the Paris-based paper's history. Founded nearly 126 years ago, it was known
The New York Times Company said Monday it was planning to rename The International Herald Tribune, its 125-year-old newspaper
Over the past two years, since the events in Tunisia which lead to a growing movement towards what many hoped would be more democratic societies, women who have been at the forefront of these movements are now finding themselves left out of the process of creating new constitutions.
The departure of a second top editor from the International Herald Tribune in recent days has stirred new speculation that
The military is simply not in a position to conduct the sort of complex criminal investigations that are the FBI's specialty. Soldiers are trained to fight battles in a war zone; the FBI is trained to collect, preserve and analyze evidence in a crime scene.
While the Web sites have been integrated, the print versions of both papers remain separate. Worldwide, The New York Times
The Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women (CAFW) hosted its first "Dialogue for Action" last week in New York City. In short
Here's my decidedly more modest (though still princess-like) list of favourite things. And I hope you'll share yours with us, too.
But it all could come to pass. As real news continues to come out about the climate crisis, the alarm is spreading. Next
The memo to International Herald Tribune employees, co-signed by Martin Gottlieb, follows: At the New York Times, which lost
In an interview Tuesday, General Manager Vivian Schiller insisted that "it's absolutely, positively not about
Embellishing the face of China, and thereby enhancing the prestige of its rulers, required something better than reality, a painstakingly idealized hyper-real, and if that required trickery or deception, so be it.