International Labour Organization

The 2022 FIFA World Cup host has achieved a “genuine breakthrough” for workers, one international labor leader said. Others are less sure.
Sometimes the law is on your side in cases of employment discrimination. And sometimes it isn’t. If you are a woman, person
NAFTA talks start in Washington, D.C. today on an ambitious schedule to come up with a “modernized” agreement by the end
3. Support anti-trafficking organizations globally. In a recent article, I discussed the impact that New Light Kolkata and
These days neither the public nor governments consider passports as a serious obstacle to freedom of movement. Yohmi/Flickr
The Latin American and Caribbean region is no stranger to U.S. intervention and support of rightwing dictatorships.
An estimated 21 million people worldwide are trapped in forced labor.
The Asia-Pacific region has the largest number of child laborers with almost 78 million, or 9.3 percent, while sub-Saharan
Understanding how soft skills that can be developed through sports -- for example ethics, attitudes and communications -- are relevant to the world of work provides an interesting perspective on youth employability.
"My employer had once burnt my hands for refusing to work," Divya, a former child laborer told Time of India. "No child should
Three thousand kilometres north of the Rio +20 summit, and unbeknownst to most of its participants, the Brazilian government is carrying out an objectionable project: a series of dams in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
"Austerity has not produced more economic growth," Raymond Torres, director of the ILO Institute for International Labour
The collaboration between UNICEF and the Puerto Rican group officially launched Monday night at the United Nations with a
Why physically eliminate an individual who writes uncomfortable truths if you can annul them with the red pen of the censor? Why kill them if you have all the tools to tame them?
For many of the children here, the idea that they shouldn't work is an entirely foreign concept. Despite laws in Bangladesh restricting child labor, the reality is starkly different.