International Olympic Committee

Only swimmers who transitioned before the age of 12 will be allowed to compete in women’s events, FINA members voted Sunday.
Russian athletes have been restricted from competing in more sporting events around the world but the Paralympics made an exception.
The 27-year-old athlete will withdraw from the Monterrey Open unless players from Russia and Belarus are only identified as “neutral athletes.”
Russia says goodbye to a shot at the World Cup, the Olympics and more.
The cordoned-off Olympic bubble that folds up when the closing ceremony ends has produced its usual collage of amazing athletes doing great things.
Canadian basketball player Kim Gaucher, who is breastfeeding her infant daughter, has won in her quest to bring the baby to the Tokyo Olympics.
The decision contradicts the country’s top medical adviser.
Delivery of doses is set to begin this month to give Olympic delegations time to be fully vaccinated before arriving in Tokyo for the games, which open July 23.
Scott Blackmun failed to act when he learned about Nassar’s serial sexual abuse and even deleted emails on the subject, an investigation revealed.
Tifanny Abreu meets international standards for participation in women’s sports, but she still faces skepticism at home.