International Rescue Committee

Devastating food shortages threaten millions of lives in Africa and the Middle East, but a new poll finds little interest.
Now you can easily and safely provide emergency shelter to someone in need through AirBnB. Refugees Welcome was launched
Here are some of the many ways you can help nonprofit groups in your community.
Finally, humanitarian organizations need to better understand the cost of everything they do. Few people would buy an apartment
What is more, when people have the power to make choices for themselves, they have improved health, their children receive
Synthesizing evidence and translating it into useful tools for policy makers and practitioners is becoming more common in
“You are Muslim and not welcome,” the note read. But the family says the Tucson community has otherwise been warm and welcoming.
A federal court says the law doesn't give the state the ability to sue the government.
"The choice is not between having refugees and not. It is whether refugees come in a legal way or in an illegal, disorderly, smuggler-enriching way."