internet access

The White House contender wants to make sure every U.S. home has a fiber broadband connection at an affordable cost.
An estimated 17% of U.S. students do not have access to computers at home and 18% do not have home access to broadband internet.
Many without computers or reliable internet rely on free computer labs or public WiFi networks to do their homework.
Julian Assange has been stripped of his internet access for violating the terms of the asylum.
We often conceptualize Internet access as a convenience, but not as something that's crucial to survival. In fact, millennials
Inclusion is the key Because Internet inclusion is more than fiber and connecting devices - It's about ensuring that no one
That's a big portion of voters that many local politicians are missing. And for those low-income, limited-access groups who prioritize social media, those platforms may be one of the only venues they have to get involved with local politics.
At ICT4D, many non-profit organizations and aid institutions described how their operations, and thereby their impacts, improve
In cities like Detroit, nearly 40 percent of residents can't get online easily.