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In her outstanding new show, "Kisses Kisses," at bitforms, Yael Kanarek offers an illuminating view of her wide-ranging digital
Let this tragic queen guide you through the murky waters of social media.
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The Jolly Flatboatmen: Twerking Like A Boss Artist Shawn Huckins toys with the idea of the American West getting its social
h/t Colossal For more on Vine art check out Animal New York's coverage of the (NSFW) #VeryShortFilmFest here. Behold: This
Oliver Wasow is an artist who directs our gaze. Using vernacular photographs or unique images he has fabricated in his studio, he creates a filter through which we look. By categorizing found photographs, he much like a movie editor, directs in a subtle way a narrative story for the observer.
Every morning Oliver Wasow posts a found, un-authored photograph where a variety of his 2000+ friends comment. I had a conversation with Oliver Wasow and we discussed the value of social media in art.
Frey is offering a personalized version of this photo through her Etsy shop. All you have to do is send in a couple of photos
HP: In 2007 you created a series of photographs of Juggalos. Do you see a difference between branding yourself a Juggalo