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Literally the entire glass front of the gallery is papered with a cartoon drawing that features a URL for a newly created
Let this tragic queen guide you through the murky waters of social media.
On one hand, the two are inevitably intertwined, as art on the internet -- whether an original or a reproduction -- is abundant
Fur Traders Descending The Missouri: Oh My God What The Hell! You Never Did That, Like That’s Like Fucking Crazy! If I Did
Behold: This is how you make interesting minimalist artwork on Vine. h/t Colossal We have yet to delve too far into the online
Oliver Wasow is an artist who directs our gaze. Using vernacular photographs or unique images he has fabricated in his studio, he creates a filter through which we look. By categorizing found photographs, he much like a movie editor, directs in a subtle way a narrative story for the observer.
Every morning Oliver Wasow posts a found, un-authored photograph where a variety of his 2000+ friends comment. I had a conversation with Oliver Wasow and we discussed the value of social media in art.
Image courtesy of Beth Frey. If you're still not sure if Frey's work is for you, read the artist's own description below
HP: In 2007 you created a series of photographs of Juggalos. Do you see a difference between branding yourself a Juggalo
Rrrrrrrroll is a project by group of friends from Japan. In an e-mail to HuffPost Arts, one of the members wrote, "We don't
Today we are looking a the sensation that is a "Photo a Day" video, in which people chronicle their lives and appearances
INSA creates awesome street art GIFs that bring the thrill of the streets to your very own Tumblr. Painting a wall several
Check out some of Schmieg's other Google Image search creations. This one shows a recursive search beginning with an uploaded
The video below is TOXIQUE by JANKENPOPP, which flashes pictures of Britney Spears, ranging from pop-princess perfection
With every city boasting its own unique atmosphere and flavor, it is a crime that we can only choose one of them to live
CELL | 3 | technology from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo. CELL | 3 | technology from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo. It's all too easy
This morning I was reading an article about Bjork's upcoming Biophilia project and it starts by saying that her whole career