internet comments

I hadn't planned that tens of thousands of people would learn what I thought about this election. In the midst of a conversation about the Democratic primary, I wrote an overly long e-mail about one of the candidates. On a lark, I put it on Facebook.
"Why are there so many comments about me being pregnant?"
They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me wish that I knew a world before I thought to read the comments section and then when I realize that I can never go back to that world, they make me cry again.
Due to the fact that these are all random strangers I have come to find their particularly hateful comments quite humorous. They make for laughable dinner conversation with my family and therefore I thought I would share them.
When we are engaged in hot-button topic conversations online, tempers can flare. People can flame. Things can get ugly very fast. Does this mean we should avoid those topics altogether? No, not at all. I'm only saying to give it more thought before responding.