internet hoaxes

The energy secretary was among a number of high-profile public figures caught out by a fake post.
C'mon. Obviously, "you cannot kill the metal."
There is nothing — NOTHING — too crazy for the Internet hoax beat.Pregnancy by flu shot? Six days of total darkness? In the
Unethical abuse of communication is not new. The rabbinic scholar, Rabbeinu Gershom, lived a thousand years ago and was considered one of the earliest and greatest scholars of the Ashkenazi Jewish community.
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In the age of bite-sized lists, tweets, and pithy "tl;dr" wrap-ups, we're losing the ability to engage deeply with subjects. Hoax sites have learned our diet and how to disguise themselves as food. The only way to fight back is to change what we eat.
h/t Buzzfeed Consider all our dreams shattered. Remember this incredibly impressive video that popped up all over your Facebook
Do not misunderstand. Some (most?) pop culture chyme comes predisposed to caricature, and frequently deserves parody (Hi, Kanye West). But in the case of a humble and heartfelt, low-budget moment, parody can also be the sincerest form of casual cruelty.