Internet of Things

Your hometown might be part of a growing trend of high-tech cities.
The retail titan's latest acquisition spells disaster for competing grocery stores.
As is often the case, the technology has developed far faster than policies and regulations.
Do we really want to be more productive?
“I believe the key word of the future of transportation will be intermodal. Active transportation, such as bicycle and and
Will technological revolution result in a safer and better world, or a more dangerous one?
How do we prepare students for a world we cannot yet imagine?
Power generation is no longer a straightforward business.
Disruption is 1.0...Collaboration is 2.0...Partnerships are 3.0 Urban transformation is complex and comes in different phases
With budgets tight, the city had to think creatively, and make more of the facilities they have. The approach they've taken
Small is beautiful in economies where people matter. Local entrepreneurship is growing to foster more sustainable lifestyles
Follow Joe Ross on Twitter: Hollywoodization of the Hacker Will Bring Mainstream Awareness Shows
PS: What are the downsides of not using it? PS: Is the federal government embracing two-factor authentication? It took Amazon
(Mosaic from President Obama's GES 2016. Photo courtesy of Sonita Lontoh) These past few months have been an interesting
In the mad rush between buying presents and spending time with family and friends, we may not realize how much work software
Image credit So much of what we now take for granted in our lives today has already formed the foundation for the emergence