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"My heart aches every time I get a call from a parent desperately asking if I can remove the nudes of their kid from the internet."
She knows how to type just about that much into Google. If she doesn't she will ask me to write it for her on a piece of
Answer by Ava Mohsenin, student at McGill University, on Quora: On Instagram, do most kids (middle school, high school) have
Our original worries focused on content, but now the online safety community as well as parents, teachers and care givers are just as concerned about behavioral, emotional and developmental side effects of our hearty embrace of all things digital.
Increased connectivity is unlocking new potential for the future of our businesses, communities and way of life.
It's important to figure out how to make sure they are safe whether you are co-parenting, parallel parenting or even if the other parent is doing none of this with you.
The Internet is arguably the most indispensable tool in communication, but it has a dark side that many parents don’t know
Phishing attacks succeed or fail depending on a number of factors, but the main one is the target's distraction level. Kids are not always the most mindful among us. This makes them targets for phishing scams.
Online privacy is a little like your weird Uncle Bob. He's hard to understand, and you really only miss him when he's gone. And just like Uncle Bob, online privacy can sound a little paranoid. Internet predators. Online safety. Data mining.
Last week a school near me suffered a social media mishap involving its students. This, an increasingly common byproduct of our day, unfortunately catches many a school by surprise. So I received this call: "Help! Can you come to our school to give an "Internet Safety" presentation? And can you keep it to under an hour?"
On the darker side of the coin, lonely, vulnerable children with access to the web are a boon for predators. And child predators
What was given to me at the airport -- comfort, assurance, security, and validation -- should be given to all children, and the time is now.
Most parents know they have to talk to their kids about sex, and drugs and alcohol, and many more know, that they need to include healthy relationships in these conversations. Speaking openly and preemptively about healthy intimacy versus what's seen in pornography is a natural extension of those talks.
While parenting in the digital age can feel overwhelming -- especially since we're the first generation of parents figuring this out -- it doesn't have to be so scary. Remember that high-profile incidents will get attention in the news, but most kids are using social media to connect with friends.
When was the last time you thought about changing all your passwords? Unless you run a large organization or have been the victim of a cyber attack, chances are it doesn't regularly cross your radar.
Be the change you want to see in the world - both on and offline. And happy Safer Internet Day!
According to our findings, one in five parents (19%), posted something online that their child may find embarrassing in the future, and 10% have said their child asked them to take down something they posted online about the child.
I jumped at the chance to attend a workshop on social media for parents offered by the student council at the Rochester Institute of Technology. They began by quizzing us on our knowledge of social media. The result was an #epicfail on our part. The hour was enriching, hilarious, and a little nerve wracking. Here are a few of my take-aways.
It's not unusual to find a sixty-something year old man who is clueless when it comes to downloading an app or paying bills online whereas his wife is perfectly capable of blogging, uploading videos to YouTube and Facetiming with the kids. Or vice versa.
You don't have to be an expert on texting, Instagram, Minecraft -- or whatever else your kids are into -- to have The Talk. Start by reading up on what's going on in your kids' world (for younger kids and older kids). Ask them to show you what they like online, and why. Be sure to listen.