internet troll

The model’s quirky video post over the weekend led internet trolls to make negative remarks about her body, but she responded with her usual positivity.
Anglin was also ordered to pay more than $4 million to a Muslim-American radio host last month after his website falsely accused the man of terrorism.
Haley Morris-Cafiero confronts her trolls by forcing them to confront themselves.
Mole was part of a "troll farm' operation to attack critics under orders of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, reports the New York Times.
"I wanted to be above it," he wrote of the nasty comments about his wife. "Well, now I’m not."
Internet trolls are not interested in having a productive discussion. Their interests consist of: deliberately angering people, breaking the normal flow of discussion that might be occurring and, most importantly, making themselves the main topic of interest or discussion.
So many d*ck pics to post on actresses' Twitter pages, so little time.
"I like to make fun of them on the Instagram, because it's like taking away that power that they think they have over women
On the Internet, a guy in his boxer shorts shouting at the computer in his mother's basement can get as much attention as a senior executive logging in from her Wall Street office.