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Since it is practically impossible to stay away from the internet these days, you need to know how to control your use of it. For this reason, it is important to identify how the internet hurts you and what you can do to stop it from happening.
Fifteen percent of Americans don't use the Internet. That percentage spikes when you look at people who have less than a high school education and those who make less than $30,000.
One of the biggest misconceptions that I have seen over and over again since starting Sixty and Me is that people over 60 are out of touch with technology. The truth is that Boomers are a part of one of the fastest growing demographics in terms of usage of social media and other technologies.
It's first thing in the morning and I'm, once again, at the computer instead of meditating on the bank of the river that runs past our house.
Lost in all the punditries of 2013 about which groups helped win the presidency in our evolving electorate, we are missing the importance of not just the changing demographics, but a seismic shift in how Americans digest news and information.
When I pull out my smartphone, I can feel the "I just don't get it" look. "What's so important that it can't wait?" And that is where I feel the divide begins and two camps build.
The study will be published in an upcoming issue of IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. The finding suggests that smartphones
Within the next three to five years, I envision literally hundreds of devices in the home will be connected: multimedia, thermostats, light switches, security systems, irrigation systems, white goods and automobiles.
For example, by tracking the number of visitors to web-based email providers, comScore found that between November 2009 and
Pew also looked at usage of video sharing sites by users of different race and found that non-whites are slightly more likely
The whole issue surrounding sales taxes remains a controversial issue in online shopping, however. Previously no tax was
If you're getting more emails asking you to donate money to a Nigerian prince, you're not alone: 89.1 percent of all emails
Computer security firm PC Tools late Wednesday released a study showing that nearly a quarter of US residents think it is
While about 70% of American Internet users participate in social networking, nearly 90% of Brazil's Internet population is
Click here to view the complete Nielsen study. Nielsen also tracked the top ten most popular brands online for the month
Nearly three out of four Coloradans use the Internet to some degree, tied for the ninth-highest rate among the states, according