Laurence, your students inspired you to write this book. What historical narrative on the UN were they lacking? Laurence
The company wants to bring free internet to everyone, but it's not the same web most of us access.
This article first appeared as on op-ed in my column in Forbes. Turn Those "Yikes" Into "Likes" Zuckerberg is bruised but
Zuckerberg isn't happy.
The opinion is more controversial than you'd think.
Over the centuries, many projects with stratospheric ambitions, from pneumatic trains to space ships -- have come to naught
Mark Zuckerberg's plan for world domination is in deep trouble. The billionaire Facebook founder recently took to his social network in a bid to save, his plan to give billions of the planet's poorest people a limited taste of the World Wide Web.
Deals are reportedly in the works to give Facebook greater control over the news stories shared on its platform.
Facebook's director of global connectivity, Chris Weasler, also told CNN in an interview that the social network is "defining
Mark Zuckerberg, as part of a consortium that created, believes that getting everyone in the world online is the only solution.