The set of the new series "The Terror: Infamy" looked remarkably similar to the concentration camps where he had been imprisoned with his family.
The congresswoman rebuked "shrieking Republicans" who pushed back against the remark.
The president hasn't used new powers on human rights sanctions granted by Congress or mentioned a crisis that experts describe as akin to ethnic cleansing.
Chinese authorities are forcing some detained Uighurs and Kazakhs to work in factories, the AP reports.
TORNILLO, Texas (AP) — The Trump administration announced in June it would open a temporary shelter for up to 360 migrant
Many Japanese Americans, including members of my family, have worked to preserve the lessons of U.S. concentration camps.
"How can I be sure my child’s skin is white enough for the government not to steal him from me when I attempt to return to the United States?”
Critics accused the Interior secretary of perpetuating racial stereotypes.
A recent visit to Portland, Oregon made me realize clearly the dilemma of the Asian American story -- more accurately in the plural, stories. It is the constant choice between the positive and the negative.
Although public officials vied with one another to be more tough in preventing Asians coming here and abusing those already present, the Justices did not uniformly reject their claims. It was the opposite. Chinese entrepreneurs prevailed in Yick Wo. Their argument was novel.