I love being in contact with such brilliant, passionate people, both with my direct coworkers and with the speakers. I am
Bob's advice to "be adorable" has truly helped my students get jobs. I had a student up for four internships and asked if
Most colleges and universities offer study abroad trips, travel studies, and internships that can truly expand one's mind
An opportunity to hone valuable skills. Research shows that employers today value employees who possess both hard, technical
You might not think getting a lunch order for your boss is all that critical, but the harsh reality is this: you are being
2. Social media is a great tool, but the real "tool" of this story (Donny) dug his own grave. Threatening posts will not
Interns have always been a part of the SAS culture. It makes sense - SAS originated while Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO of SAS, was a professor at NC State University.
6. Are you interested in what the company is known for? If you love reality TV, working for Evolution Media, producers of
Before anything else you need to be dependable and collaborative. Success comes from people working well together creating a team where the total is greater than the sum of the parts.
So what is it like? It is one of the most exhilarating challenging difficult frustrating and ultimately rewarding jobs you will ever have. If you like it, you'll find yourself unable to go work anywhere else. If you don't like the environment, then it'll be painfully awful.
There is a lot of interest in start-ups among the students. Some want to intern at them, some want to work at them when they graduate, and some are just curious.
As I headed home on my very last day, it was clear to me what the most important thing is when it comes to scaling a company
Students who complain that they must pay colleges a lot of money so they can work as interns without pay certainly have a
For as long as anyone can remember, New York City has called like a siren to freedom-seekers hoping for a chance to make
His solution is to offer paid internships, with the government stepping in to compensate interns in work settings like the
We are right in the middle of internship season! Each summer, thousands of students move to office spaces in business casual with the hopes of building new skills and getting broader insight into their future potential career paths.
We scoured through the comments and there were interesting debates on corporate culture, etiquette, and who was the party to blame. But we realized that bottom line, our Millennial and Generation Z workforce are coming to us to learn and be mentored so we want to equip you with 8 recommendations on being an effective mentor:
While many students are off-campus for summer internships, others are on campus for local internships, collaborative research projects, service programs or employment.