“The fundamental premise of the legislation is that people should make decisions about their own bodies."
“This is the first time a state has gone on record supporting the intersex community," state Sen. Scott Wiener said.
River Gallo's film boasts Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry on its producing team.
"It’s not as easy as it used to be for doctors to discuss the real motives behind Intersex Genital Mutilation."
"Eventually, I faced the reality that I must flee my country ― my home. If I were to stay, my life would be in danger."
How can we hope to empower women sexually when we’re passively allowing the surgical mutilation of the pleasure organ?
Hanne Gaby Odiele looks back on her whirlwind week with HuffPost Live.
HuffPost's Maria Tridas sits down with Intersex Model Hanne Gaby Odiel
The clip is the first ever released by the UN to address intersex issues.
As part of my job, I spend a lot of time explaining what intersex means. This is harder than it sounds. Intersex awareness
It's the first question many new and expectant parents hear from their families, friends and co-workers. And more than 98
I believe so strongly in intersex people determining the way we define our bodies, not medical professionals with their own interests in mind. We know our bodies best. We know we are not broken, we are beautiful.
In this current era as the political and theocratic Right attempts to reverse progressive human and civil rights initiatives won over the past decades and to prevent such measures from taking root where they have not grown previously, I am extremely encouraged by the leaders from the highest levels and from the grassroots showing courage in the face of resistance and backlash.
The arc of justice for LGTBQIA+ persons is intersectional with other realms that we as Greens care about.