As a gay Christian, I mourn for the pain the church has caused the LGBTQIA community.
A new friend confided in me recently that she’d left her old job with a Christian organization because she was becoming public
Another hope for "Alabaster" is that the series of Gospels conveys how beauty can purposefully communicate who God is. Bryan
When you say Blue Lives Matter you're saying that Black Lives don't because no one says Blue Lives Matter unless you're shouting down people fighting against police brutality and abuse of power.
Followers of Jesus have every reason to be afraid but no reason to stay fearful. We have every reason to feel concerned but no justification for being violent. For in Jesus' own words as He was murdered by the state we have a practical response. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
It has been about a year now since I stepped away from the leadership team on Intervarsity. It was a long, hard year. I lost my sense of purpose. I lost my community. I felt lost in every sense of the word. I had lots of questions, and very few answers. Who was God?
Followers of Jesus are really good at telling God what we would like for Him to do and horrible at hearing and obeying what He tells us to do. Especially when it comes to actually changing personal behavior that will drive social change if not outright upheaval.
I am no longer a slave to fear because I have surrendered to God's love. I am no longer a slave to fear for I am a child of God.
If Christians actually modeled intimacy in singleness and marriage and not fake pictures of happiness and how-tos on managing loneliness, then maybe people would want to know the Christ that we profess and the marriage He defines.
Thank you. Before watching your monologue this morning I was numb. Perhaps it was after the Walter Scott video was shown over and over again or the pending repeat of the Parsley Massacre in the Dominican Republic.
I was already reeling from the video of Dominican citizens cutting the hair of a Haitian man with scissors as a crowd ridiculed him in the street for his dark skin. I prayed that the baseball bats and machetes would not be swung.
I place no trust in those in power because I don't even trust myself. I am sinful and we are sinful. Everything is broken, save for The Trinity and His Kingdom.
Jesus' crucifixion, His death, the excruciatingly long Saturday, His bodily resurrection and some unspecified moment of return all say "why would I follow Him?"
If we were just here to feed the hungry or visit the sick, then there would be no difference between us and the next NGO. But this is the outpouring of a life lived in pursuit of God's redemption and renewal of all things.
I told my wife to leave me alone because I was told men like me are not worthy of love and that something is wrong with the women who do. They are less-than by association. I am afraid for my marriage because music and movies tells me if my dad was unfaithful, I will be too.
When I found out about the Eric Garner decision, I did not know how to respond. But my first instinct was not to stop. It was to go and do something. And I surely didn't pause to find my favorite worship song or let alone ask, "Lord, what would you have me to do?"
“We don’t believe we can affirm a policy that forces us to compromise Gospel faith and Christian integrity without undermining