The speaker's remarks came a day after the president walked out of infrastructure talks with top Democrats and railed against their investigations.
Pop culture staples reinforce deeply held cultural assumptions about the purity and goodness of white women.
As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
All licensed beauty professionals will learn to spot signs of abuse.
Why aren't we talking about the fact that America is fighting six wars? Several journalists pose that question in recent columns, and it's a good one.
As such, it may be time for harm reduction experts and human right activists to raise their voices and clarify for the future
The civil war in Syria has taught the international community plenty of lessons, and not one of them is good. In fact, each and every one is an indictment on the entire rules-based order that has governed the international system since the end of World War II.
Service members aren't allowed to become publicly involved in partisan politics. However, they do speak indirectly, via polls and contributions.
The researchers came back a year later to see if the outcomes were still there. Despite the substantial impacts seen at posttest
Americans should follow the British in reconsidering the wisdom of living under a centralized Leviathan in a distant capital, that is, Washington.
Trump criticized the Iraq and Libya interventions, opposed confrontation with Russia, and, even more strikingly, denounced "war and aggression" in his recent foreign policy address. He also criticized multiple alliances which seem only to serve as conduits for U.S. aid to populous and prosperous states.
In desperate times, verbally articulating our feelings can difficult. Our voice can expose our innermost thoughts to prying ears. On the other hand, texting has become an extension of our thoughts and evolved to help us through our darkest hour.
"We're rebuilding other countries while weakening our own. "During the last several years I have traveled over this country
We believe that the future of SIBs and social finance is brighter than ever. But if we are to create a true social capital market, we must be more rigorous, intentional and outcomes-driven than the current approaches.
Why is she going on vacation? Why is she leaving the office at 5? That's a lot of work...I sit on five different boards AND
In recognition of National Youth Violence Prevention Week, April 4-8, I join others in raising awareness about this important issue facing our nation's young people and the parents, educators, and health care providers who care for them.
There are angels all around us, like Alicia Reddy. This selfless woman, also known as Addiction Angel, wants nothing more than to help those struggling with the disease of addiction.