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In an interview with Amy Schumer, the singer explained why she's been so honest with her fans about her mental health struggles.
“My sadness is the sadness of my sisters here in Congress. And their success is my success,” the congresswoman told Ava DuVernay for Interview magazine.
The magazine was facing lawsuits claiming unpaid wages and allegations of sexual misconduct.
The amazing legacy of Andy Warhol continues to thrive, both from the astonishing mark the artist left on the art world and the every bit as remarkable and seemingly unstoppable increase in the value of anything Andy.
Years ago I used to work for Tibor Kalman, one of the great prolific creative directors on the planet as far as I am concerned. At the time when I was interviewing to work for he and Ingrid Sischy at Interview magazine, he told me that if he hired me it would be like pushing me down a tall staircase as I was so inexperienced.
She’s not the only one talking about her daughter’s sexy shoot.
The star is taking heat online from users who find the photos offensive.