The dancer insists that while Brooks Laich likes to suck on her toes, she doesn't enjoy it herself.
If you want to keep it sexy in the bedroom, marriage therapists say you may need to change your ways.
Turns out, that inexplicable sadness you may feel after sex is very common.
Don't believe these sexual health myths.
Here are the perfect tracks for your consensual sheet soiree.
By following this recipe, you strengthen your bond so that you can buffer your relationship from other people coming between
For more on Dr. Greer, visit A study out of The University of Georgia Center For Family Research
What could you do, this week, to feel sexier and more confident?  Here are a few ideas - Move your body every day (walking
Here's the paradox. When we are unwilling to be vulnerable, we lose the courage to embrace the joy of love. Love awards the
The structure of the our living room, the system we established and operated in, dictated the manner in which we interacted
Our parents may have disapproved of our essential being instead of our behavior. Maybe they said, "You're a slob" instead
You may have to help each other often as you first begin with these exercises. When painful words or phrases have been used
Couples whose sex life has suffered since becoming parents can begin by looking at how they share the work of parenting. From
Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies, is engaged to be married to his girlfriend Angela
Here are a few reasons we push our partners away: If I get close to you, I'll lose myself, my freedom, and individuality
12) I believe that I've learned what I need to know to try dating again.____ Many people repeatedly pick the same kind of
The hope is to find a way to provide a harmonious family environment despite the rift in your marriage.
Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday of repentance, had barely been over for 14 hours and I was already fighting with my husband. Has my Teflon-coated mind not retained a single shred of serenity? Repentance? Determination to be better? To do better?
Sometimes it isn't such a clear path from getting engaged to getting married. For some people, undertaking such a big change and lifelong responsibility can cause people to question their choices and judgment, basically asking, did I make the right decision?