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"People need connection, I suppose, in whatever form is available to them."
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For more on Dr. Greer, visit By following this recipe, you strengthen your bond so that you can
A study out of The University of Georgia Center For Family Research found that the number one indicator of a happy marriage
*I understand that many women are struggling with serious issues that affect their sexuality, issues that are beyond the
I got the hell out of there. What you will find if you're in a safe, but unhappy relationship, is that as you become more
The structure of the our living room, the system we established and operated in, dictated the manner in which we interacted
They build dream houses, they go on cruises, they consult psychics, and they join crusades - all to get away from the gnawing
When couples achieve this level of awareness and understanding, they find that many other areas of their relationship automatically
For example, one mother that I worked with realized that she did most of the childcare because she didn't like how her husband
This is something that happens often when two people decide to spend their lives together, one might have gone through it
Any distance in the relationship causes excruciating thoughts about being cheated on or abandoned. So the anxious partner