intimate partner violence

The Monument Quilt features thousands of stories of gender-based violence and will be featured on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., this weekend.
The actress, who played Ros on the HBO series for three seasons, opens up about the importance of intimacy coordinators on set.
The parliament may finally pass a law next year to offer women some protection.
A U.N. report revealed that 87,000 women were murdered last year, and over half were killed by intimate partners or family members.
They're assumed to be criminals themselves, or can't get help in their own language.
Just like the problem is intersectional, so too are the solutions to strengthen and protect our communities.
At a Harvard-led event, researchers discuss how to prevent it.
Women may not know that sometimes pregnancy can be abusive.
"The United States is no particular safe haven for women."
The culture of sexualizing bisexuality means that it can create a whole host of issues in a relationship.
ICOWHI is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting health and well-being of women throughout the world through participation, empowerment, advocacy, education, and research.
One in four U.S. women have experienced gender based violence. Among women living with HIV, one in two has experienced intimate partner violence, and more than 60% have been sexually abused - five times the rate of the general female population.