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"Please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; you are the first ingredient."
In a conversation with Emily Weiss, the founder and CEO of Glossier, where Into the Gloss is an editorial platform, Atkin
I don't have my own office, I sit with everyone, we're all kind of pulling our weight. I get really tired, but it's like
Head to Into The Gloss to read the entire interview. The newly blonde bombshell also revealed the unconventional way she
But it turns out, Kimmy might be a little more like us muggles than we initially thought. The reality star spoke to Into
Now, thanks to a new interview with Into The Gloss, in which Lohan goes into great detail about everything from her beauty
In finding my own personal style and aesthetic, I have picked up a couple tips and borrowed looks from a few ladies along the way. In coming into my own, I have learned through imitation (both subtle and not).
Kloss isn't the first model that has expressed her experience modeling as a hobby rather than a career. Back in April, fellow
We totally co-sign Chung's fragrance layering technique that involves mixing in subtle scents with moisturizers. However
But, she won't mess with any trendy diets. "Sometimes I'll do a cleanse for three days, but I don't do any of those weird
Want to know what happens when a beautiful mother-daughter pair end up on Into the Gloss? Early on in the piece, Sailor mentions
Also, one time a cab driver told the actress that pregnant women in his community (we do not know where, he is referred to
Oh Lena Dunham, we can always rely on you to speak our minds exactly. This week, the funny star expressed her thoughts on
In major fragrance news, Madonna (in a partnership with Coty) is planning to launch her own perfume next year. Like her upcoming
Emily Weiss, founder of the beauty blog Into The Gloss, got the chance to go backstage at Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2012 show
Oh, the irony -- that the face of such scents as DKNY's Delicious Night and Nina Ricci's Ricci Ricci shops in the men's section