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I can’t imagine what might have happened if I wasn’t able to access or afford the emergency surgery I needed.
Plus tips on how to make the cramping more tolerable.
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After months of painful cystic breakouts and too many products that didn't work, I found the help I needed.
Fewer than one-third of stories featured any medical information at all.
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Some people clearly need a reminder.
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It's not going to hurt your fertility.
There's now even a small sub-genre of personal essay related to choosing IUDs, ranging from testimonials to tales of medical
Ohio lawmakers held a hearing on a bill Tuesday that would prohibit health insurance plans in the state from covering abortion even if a woman's life is in danger, as well as some popular forms of birth control, The Columbus Dispatch reports.
House Bill 351 prevents insurance policies in Ohio from covering any "abortion services," including drugs and devices "used
The contraception "mandate" of the Affordable Care Act that requires employer-provided health-care plans to offer contraception
I tried to call a cab on Monday morning. But confused and fatigued, I couldn't figure out how the buttons on my phone worked. Against my better judgment, I drove myself to Planned Parenthood. They buzzed me in, pale, diapered up, and holding myself up with the counter, I begged the receptionist, "Please 'elp me. I jus wan sta bleeding."
Among teens using contraceptives, the birth control pill is still the most popular option: More than half of the nearly 3
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This study should drive us to do more: to advocate for necessary policy changes and to push for funding increases for maternal health. We know progress is possible.
While buying condoms in bulk can minimize excessive packaging, the diaphragm, the cervical cap and the intrauterine device