intrauterine device

I can’t imagine what might have happened if I wasn’t able to access or afford the emergency surgery I needed.
Plus tips on how to make the cramping more tolerable.
After months of painful cystic breakouts and too many products that didn't work, I found the help I needed.
Fewer than one-third of stories featured any medical information at all.
It's not going to hurt your fertility.
Pro: It's The Most Effective At Preventing Pregnancy This pro is probably the most important of all potential factors. Simply
Ohio lawmakers held a hearing on a bill Tuesday that would prohibit health insurance plans in the state from covering abortion even if a woman's life is in danger, as well as some popular forms of birth control, The Columbus Dispatch reports.
“Every day in this state, women face the complex decision of whether to choose adoption, end a pregnancy, or raise a child
Any method of birth control must be used consistently for it to work, and abstinence has a way of being tricky to implement