For those readers who weren't alive (or old enough) to experience the 1960s, this week we had somewhat of a history lesson, packaged as a Democratic debate. Part of why this happened is that the Democratic presidential campaign has entered into a "convince the minority voters" phase.
...and people on Twitter love it.
Regardless of the what the results may be of last night's efforts, JFC is well on its way to making $1 Million sooner rather than later.
Just around the corner, on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, JFC celebrates the 10th anniversary since the New York event was established, initially as an in-store event, by fashion pioneer and philanthropist, Jeffrey Kalinsky.
Last Tuesday, Jeffrey Fashion Cares, the annual fashion fundraiser benefiting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and those living with HIV/AIDS celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a kick-off cocktail event at the Jeffrey store
It's unconfirmed whether the shuttle, which was a prototype and never actually flew in space, was damaged during the storm
It's time to come clean. I was once an intrepider than thou traveler. I once believed that the less money you paid for your night's accommodation, the cooler you were -- and the key travel aspiration was to never encounter another tourist or eat anything recognizable
Stephen Colbert announced Tuesday evening on "The Colbert Report" that he will host a concert extravaganza aboard the Intrepid
MANHATTAN — Hours before the USS Intrepid got a front-row view of the historic flyover by its future tenant, the Enterprise