introverts vs extroverts

In the first study, 178 MBA students at a large university in the southeast were assigned to four or five-person project
Alex is sometimes concerned by her extreme introversion, but she's mostly preoccupied with being the smartest person in any
It's almost as if after years of being in the closet, the introvert is coming out with a vengeance. And it's almost cool to be a little bit of an introvert.
If common stereotypes have anything to say on the matter, it's that introverts are socially awkward loners who abhor large crowds and just don't like people very much.
"When extroverts are in an introverted place for too long, spending time alone or being quiet, they can report feeling sad
Now, I have a whole new way to consider parenting her -- a way that is the total opposite of my extroverted instincts.