Canada’s national Inuit organization unveiled its highly anticipated suicide prevention strategy last week during an emotional
There is only one "war" humanity should be declaring. That is war on hate and violence. For there is but one race in this world: the human race.
Sheila Watt-Cloutier is one of the toughest, most influential Inuit activists in Canada. Her perspective on the effects of
A comic book filled with myth, adventure and humor, written and illustrated by Inuit and northern Canadians, tells stories
My career as a wildlife and travel filmmaker and photographer has taken me to many extreme environments over the last twenty-five years, some inhospitable and potentially dangerous.
The relationship between Indigenous organizations and environmental NGOs used to be one of conflict and suspicion. But now
As the president of Canada’s Inuit Youth Council, Maatalii Okalik is finding innovative ways for Inuit young people to connect
Climate change, and not hunting, is the real threat to the polar bear populations. And that is what the WWF and Greenpeace International are advocating while respecting the rights of the indigenous communities of the high North.
Currently, in parts of Nunavut and northern Quebec, Inuit use syllabics, a writing system developed by Anglican missionaries
Such radical gyrations in the climate are already causing unseen suffering and hardship for countless of the earth's inhabitants. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes or lost their livelihoods as a result of one degree of warming.
"I know a hunter that's killed all of his dogs because he doesn't see a point in living a traditional way of life anymore."
[Upcoming blog on Saturday: The grizzlies roam into town - and are executed] Pole Hang The Bum Hop is like skipping rope
Pingos Driftwood The Dené First Nation, who live further upstream, have no truck for Scotland or Mackenzie and still call