invasive species

Tens of thousands of palm trees have died from the bacterial disease, and the pace of its spread is increasing.
Wildlife officials clarified people should not "just go out there and shoot them up."
The invasive lizards are flourishing as temperatures rise, but state officials say they're a threat to native species and infrastructure.
There’s a clear link between cheatgrass, which covers more than 100 million acres across the West, and rangeland megafires.
The snake is said to be of record-length in Florida's program to combat the invasive species.
A giant hogweed run-in means Alex Childress must stay out of the sun for up to six months.
An amendment threatens farm animal protections, food safety laws and rules on invasive species.
Carolien van Zyl, Postdoctoral research fellow, Stellenbosch University In countries like New Zealand, where the population
"Wessie" reportedly swam across the Presumpscot River after eating a large mammal.
Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a worldwide scourge, and last year's AP investigative report shone
These three species were introduced into South Africa during the 1970s for aquaculture purposes. From there they were translocated
As the vice president of environmental quality at Shedd, Allen was well-positioned to observe the Great Lakes Commission
On islands across the globe, free-ranging cats have caused or contributed to 33 (14%) of the modern bird, mammal and reptile
The invasive snake, which is illegal to own in the state, can grow to 29 feet and more than 550 pounds.