invasive species

A Polish scientific institute has classified domestic cats as an “invasive alien species,” citing the damage they cause to birds and other wildlife.
The species, the giant African land snail, is known to grow as long as 8 inches.
Scientists lost track of a female in the invasive species, a threat to honeybees that packs a potent sting for humans.
Around the world, many conservation, eradication and control efforts have been put on pause due to stay-at-home mandates. Invasive species are loving it.
Asian giant hornets can kill people with their stings and are devastating to honey bee populations.
Tens of thousands of palm trees have died from the bacterial disease, and the pace of its spread is increasing.
Wildlife officials clarified people should not "just go out there and shoot them up."
The invasive lizards are flourishing as temperatures rise, but state officials say they're a threat to native species and infrastructure.