Inventions and Patents

If technology, not policy, is the culprit, it means inequality is something that happened, not something we did.
It’s the at least second time this year the federal government has proposed giving exclusive rights for taxpayer-funded research to a foreign pharmaceutical giant.
In a recent episode of the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” Richard Hendricks is getting his tech startup off the ground when
The fortunes going to Bill and other beneficiaries of intellectual property protection come out of the pockets of the rest of us.
These projects are helping take out the trash.
Proposed cuts would hamstring research at federal agencies that have a long history of doing the heavy lifting.
Architectural Digest: Where did the idea for Casper come from? Neil Parikh: My cofounders and I saw a couple of interesting
The broad antipathy to science, to learning in all but the most general sense, is the mark of the Trump budget proposal.